Benefits of Certified Pre-Owned HVAC Controls and EMS Controls

Benefits of Certified Pre-Owned HVAC Controls and EMS Controls

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There's nothing worse than your HVAC equipment or control breaking down in the summer season. Your employees will be in for a hot and sweltering day if the situation can't be remedied quickly. 

Sometimes, however, the HVAC company may not be able to get out to you timeously, or perhaps your system is quite old, and finding the part you need is nearly impossible. Well, that's precisely why we recommended keeping replacement HVAC controls for your older systems on hand for the most common control parts. That way, when faced with an issue, you'll be all set to replace the parts as quickly as possible. 

This post looks at the benefits of getting your certified pre-owned HVAC controls and EMS controls from Value Control and why you should keep spare parts on hand.

Benefits of Getting Certified Pre-Owned HVAC Controls

1. Ease

It's not easy to find old or discontinued parts and HVAC controls. Not many stores or online shops stock parts from discontinued HVAC systems, but that's what Value Controls is all about. Do you have an old system? Chances are, we have the certified pre-owned HVAC controls you’re looking for.

2. Warranty

You may be lucky to find a thermostat on Amazon or eBay, but it is doubtful that it will come with a warranty. At Value Controls, we offer certified pre-owned parts with a 2-year warranty. If something goes wrong within that period, we give you a replacement or a refund for the used part. 

3. Do It Yourself

If you're looking to replace your broken thermostat with one of our certified pre-owned models, you can easily replace the faceplate and not have to worry about rewiring anything. It's really quite simple. All you need to do is buy the exact same certified thermostat from us and place it over your existing system's wall plate. If yours, however, does need some wiring, it’s quite simple. Click here for some good advice.

4. Saves Money

HVAC and EMS systems are expensive setups. If you have an older system and simply can't fit the bill for a total replacement, finding replacement parts is the way to go. And certified pre-owned parts are even more affordable than out-of-the-box ones. 

Benefits of Keeping Spare Parts on Hand

1. Comfort

Business owners know that keeping their employees at a comfortable temperature is a priority, leading to high productivity. By having replacement parts on hand, you can cut down on any unproductive work time by replacing the part yourself or calling a contractor to complete the easy fix. 

2. Investment Protection

HVAC systems are not cheap. And so keeping the system in good condition is vital. When your controller is starting to falter, it puts your whole system in fatigue. By quickly replacing your controller with a certified pre-owned part – especially for older HVAC systems – you can cost-effectively keep your system running in tip-top shape. 

3. Prepare

In a situation where you need a part quickly, you may have to spend a lot of money to expedite shipping. Instead, buying the parts that are likely to wear out over time and keeping them for when any issues arrive will save you money and give you peace of mind. 

Most controllers and HVAC or EMS parts waver at some point. If you know where to find certified thermostats for your system, be it old or new, you will be better prepared when any issues arrive. And you won't have your staff sitting in uncomfortable conditions not doing any work. Be prepared, take a look at our certified pre-owned HVAC controls and EMS controls today.

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At Value Controls, we are committed to bringing you the best value at the lowest cost on certified pre-owned EMS and HVAC controls and certified thermostats. We stand behind our products with a 2-year warranty, and all orders ship the same day when placed by 3pm CST.

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