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Benefits of Buying Used HVAC Control and EMS Controls

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The benefits of running integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) controls in your commercial property are vast. Running these HVAC systems can be expensive, and regular maintenance is needed.

However, systems such as lighting, heating, cooling, and building controls, are all essential to the proper function of your building. And, more importantly, the happiness and productivity of your staff. 

There is some good news though, you can cut back on costs by buying used HVAC controls for your commercial facility. 

How does this save you money? For starters, parts for these systems are sometimes hard to find, or the model you are looking for and its components have been discontinued. When considering HVAC systems for commercial facilities, such as schools, hospitals, office buildings, retail or grocery stores, warehouses etc., it can be costly to replace the entire system. So if you can find used parts, it will be much more cost-effective.

This blog looks at the benefits of buying used HVAC controls and energy management systems (EMS) controls for a commercial facility.


Benefits of buying used HVAC controls and EMS controls from Value Controls


Reduced Expenses: HVAC usage commonly accounts for about 25-30% of a building's utility expenditure. And if one of the parts breaks and the manufacturer has discontinued it, you may have to resort to finding used parts. As we mentioned, the cost of replacing your whole HVAC and EMS system will be significant. But, if you source used HVAC controls and EMS controls, you will be saving a lot of money.


Being Prepared: By stocking up with used HVAC controls and used EMS controls or discontinued parts for your HVAC controls, you can be prepared if things go wrong down the line. Having a look at what we have in stock at Value Controls now will help you avoid any problems in the future. We are confident we'll have the certified used HVAC controls and EMS controls you are looking for. So, if you have a situation where your HVAC controls stop working, you can fire up your used parts and just carry on as if nothing has happened, which means keeping productivity high and total peace of mind. 


Warranty: Value Controls offer certified and authenticated pre-owned parts that come with a 2-year warranty. You will likely not find the same offer of a warranty on Amazon or eBay. So, if something goes wrong within the specified time, we will be sure to replace it or give you a refund, no matter the size of your commercial building.


Working Order: Keeping your HVAC system in top working order is vital. If your controller starts to experience problems, your whole system will take strain. So, if you have a pre-owned controller on hand, you can quickly make the replacement and ensure your entire system runs smoothly without skipping a beat. This is especially handy for older HVAC systems. 


Like most technology, controllers and HVAC or EMS parts can have issues or falter at some stage. This is where Value Controls comes in. At Value Controls, you can find certified thermostats, used HVAC controls and EMS controls for your system – be it old or new – you will be better prepared for those difficult times. And as an extra bonus, you won't have your employees sitting in stifling conditions which may affect their productivity and morale.  

The best way to be prepared is to check out our certified pre-owned HVAC controls and used EMS controls today.

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At Value Controls, we are committed to bringing you the best value at the lowest cost on certified pre-owned EMS and HVAC controls and certified thermostats. We stand behind our products with a 2-year warranty, and all orders ship the same day when placed by 3 pm CST. Contact us today to find out more.


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