Network Thermostat NT-SSA32/CLK
Network Thermostat NT-SSA32/CLK
Network Thermostat NT-SSA32/CLK

Network Thermostat NT-SSA32/CLK

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The NT-SSA32/CLK has all the power and flexibility needed for many projects. This controller is great for systems that have 32 or fewer Net/X thermostats. The unit has a complete real-time clock and calendar, allowing the Net/X network to become self-sustaining.
Condition: Used
Product Type: Network Controller
Voltage:  16 VAC
Power Method: Hardwired

  • Two RS-232 Serial Ports; one for computer connection, one for LAN or modem connection
  • Allows full control of up to 32 thermostats on the controller
  • No additional hardware needed at the Net/X thermostat
  • Any Net/X thermostat can be up to 1,000′ away; combined total of 4,000′ for all thermostats
  • Two (2) XBUS communications ports for up to 2,000′ of cable on each
  • Any mix of home-run, daisy-chain or multi-drop wiring can be used; only one pair of a CAT5 cable needed
  • Advanced protection circuitry for data inputs/outputs; all input/output/power on removable connectors
  • Non-volatile clock/calendar setpoint memory
  • Integrated Real-Time Clock/Calendar allows hundreds of scheduled programs
  • Dimensions: 3.6″ H x 6.25″ W x 0.875″ D

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