Braeburn Thermostat Model 3200
Braeburn Thermostat Model 3200

Braeburn Thermostat Model 3200

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The Braeburn 3200 is a multistage nonprogrammable thermostat from the Builder series. This model is designed to control up to 2 stages heating and 2 stages cooling of multistage conventional or heat pump systems. The thermostat is powered with electricity or batteries. It can be mounted to a horizontal or vertical junction box.The thermostat has a large display which features a bright blue backlight that ensures clear view of the settings. Also, when the batteries need to be changed, a low battery indicator will go off. In order to retain user settings, this model has a nonvolatile memory. In addition, the Braeburn 3200 features compressor protection to prevent potential damage of your system from short cycling.


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