XCI Zoning EZ4F SmartZone Controller | New

XCI Zoning EZ4F SmartZone Controller | New

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The XCI EZ4F controller features a state‐of‐the‐art microprocessor for reliable control of two (2) zones from a single forced‐air HVAC system. The panel includes a bright, backlit LCD display with full text for system status monitoring and diagnosis. In addiƟon, each thermostat and equipment terminal has its own color‐coded LED allowing for easy monitoring of thermostat and equipment calls. The included supply air temperature sensor allows for constant monitoring of supply air temperature in the plenum. XCI’s exclusive Electronic Limit Control™ (ELC) technology protects the system’s compressor and heat exchanger from potenƟal issues associated with freeze‐up and over heaƟng. Intelligent Smart‐Staging™ handles equipment staging based on Ɵme and temperature, allowing the use of single‐stage thermostats. Exclusive Economy Mode provides comfort and efficiency control. Supports up to 3‐Stage HeaƟng and 2‐Stage Cooling equipment.


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