How Many Thermostats Do I Need to Order for My Business?

How Many Thermostats Do I Need to Order for My Business?

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Businesses will benefit from the cost savings from using the correct number of thermostats,  energy management systems (EMS), and smart thermostats. However, there are several factors to consider if you’re looking for thermostat replacements for your office or commercial space.

In this guide, we’ll answer several vital questions:

  • How many thermostats do I need for the office? 
  • How to check which thermostats are still working? 
  • When do they usually start to malfunction? 
  • When to upgrade your systems?

Read on to learn more about best practices for thermostat maintenance and when to know if you need an upgrade.

How Many Thermostats Do I Need for My Business?

There are several key elements to consider when you determine the number of thermostats you need for your business:

  • Number of Rooms: How many rooms do you have in your office or building? Each area in your place of work may require a separate temperature control. In zoned HVAC systems, heating and cooling for each zone need to be regulated separately to ensure efficiency, thereby reducing energy costs. This strategy also makes workspaces more comfortable, boosting worker productivity.
  • Purpose of Each Space or Zone: Some spaces in your business will require more cooling or heating than others. For instance, a server room will require better temperature control to protect the electronics and ensure continuous operations. You won’t need the same level of control for stock rooms where cleaning supplies are stored. With this setup, some rooms will need a separate thermostat while others won’t.
  • System Type and Design: You may need one thermostat per floor or zone if you run a centralized heating and cooling system. However, if you are running separate HVAC systems, you only need one thermostat per system in your office.
  • Your Budget: How many thermostats do I need for my place of business? An essential factor to consider is your budget. Thermostats come in various price ranges, and you should choose how many to install according to their features and cost.

When Does a Thermostat Start to Malfunction?

Dust, dirt, and debris can cause mechanical and electrical problems in thermostat systems. As the years go by, their wiring can also age, which affects performance. Even though most thermostats can last for 10 years or more, their parts can wear down ahead of time. Further, when components start to malfunction, you may have to upgrade your system or order thermostat replacements.

How to Check if the Current Thermostat Is Working?

Smart thermostats run a different system test compared to a standard thermostat. Smart temperature control systems already have tests programmed. Users need to navigate the settings menu to the test function and then follow the instructions they see on screen. If there are any issues, users will be prompted accordingly.

Standard thermostats, on the other hand, require a manual test and you’ll need two people to check if everything is working. One person will be by the thermostat and the other will go near the furnace. The user near the thermostat will power up the system and adjust the temperature slowly. The other individual should check if the furnace is heating up.

During the test, both components should make certain sounds and produce temperature changes. If the furnace doesn’t power up or produce heat after the thermostat has been turned on, there may be a problem with the thermostat. In some cases, it may just need some cleaning or a battery change.

Here are some of the signs you should be aware of when testing your thermostat:

  • The thermostat has no power, which could mean the batteries are dead.
  • Your HVAC doesn’t stop running.
  • The temperature doesn’t change even after you adjust the settings.
  • The room temperature and the one indicated on the thermostat doesn’t match up.
  • The furnace or air conditioner is not turning on.

Should I Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat or Upgrade Malfunctioning Units?

If you’re upgrading your HVAC, it will be ideal to upgrade your thermostat as well. However, if you plan to continue using your old climate control system, it will be best to use thermostat replacements instead. 

Where Can I Order Used Thermostats?

You can buy used thermostats and replacement parts from local suppliers. You can also order them online. Consider your HVAC system and check if the thermostat supports it. For instance, some thermostats support two-stage heat pump systems, while others don’t.

Value Controls has an extensive inventory of certified pre-owned parts for HVAC controls, including smart thermostats like the Nest line of thermostats. The company also carries pre-owned smart thermostats, energy management systems (EMS) and more. Shop online via their website or call 800-584-9901 for more information.


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