A Look at Types of Thermostats and The TopTech Brand

A Look at Types of Thermostats and The TopTech Brand

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Being comfortable during the workday is vital. In fact, your employees' productivity depends on them working in a well-regulated environment. This is why a thermostat is essential with your HVAC system. Not only will it control the temperature, as a bonus it will also lower your electricity bill at the same time. 

There are four basic types of thermostats. Let's take a look at them here:

Non-programmable thermostats

This is the most basic type of thermostat and will suit families that are rarely away from home and businesses that work around the clock. It has a manual adjustment control panel and cannot pre-program a change in temperature according to the time of day or if you are away. However, TopTech thermostats can achieve high energy efficiency with their non-programmable systems by maintaining your temperature preference.

Programmable thermostats

These thermostats can be pre-programmed to adjust to your desired temperature during the day or night. These will often have a daily or weekly setting too. This can be helpful if you are away from home on certain days or want to keep the temperature moderate or low during the weekend or evenings when employees don't come in. These programmable features can help reduce energy bills.

Wi-Fi thermostats

These are more modern, of course, and connect to a Wi-Fi network. You can access the network via your devices, where you can remotely adjust the thermostat's temperature. Wi-Fi thermostats are also programmable and can be adjusted much easier and even when you are away from home or the office. So if something has changed and you need to override the pre-set program, just open the app, and it's done. 

Smart thermostats

This is a step further than a simple thermostat. Smart thermostats easily integrate with various home automation tools and equipment. The thermostat will learn when you arrive home each day and adjust the temperature accordingly as it stores your information and patterns to achieve ultimate heating and cooling for your home and office. Some are even compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. Also, smart thermostats can be accessed via an app on your device. Although these thermostats fetch a higher price, you are sure to see savings when your power bill arrives, thanks to optimum temperatures being reached daily. 

Who are TopTech Thermostats?

The TopTech brand of HVAC products provides the most comfortable living environment to your home or office, with top-of-the-line easy-to-use TopTech controllers. TopTech offers you the highest quality HVAC parts, supplies, and accessories. Their products are consistently made one step above the competition with quality control measures and feature sets in place. TopTech products strive to bring you the latest technology, including best-in-class service after the sale, compared to any other brand of aftermarket parts, supplies, and accessories in the industry.

The line of TopTech Thermostats boasts the most extensive displays for the price. You simply will not find a better value. TopTech thermostats give you the flexibility and ease of use to make your installations painless. Their Universal design (up to 3H/2C) and exclusive upgrade path allow a system to be upgraded without rewiring a subbase.

There's nothing worse than your HVAC controls or equipment breaking and struggling to find a part for your old Top Tech system. Don't worry, Value Controls has you covered with our range of non-programmable and programmable TopTech Thermostats and TopTech Controllers. 

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At Value Controls, we are committed to bringing you the best value at the lowest cost on certified pre-owned EMS and HVAC controls. We stand behind our products with a 2-year warranty, and all orders ship the same day when placed by 3pm CST. At Value Controls, we proudly stock a wide range of TopTech Thermostats and TopTech Controllers. To shop our TopTech range, click here.


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