Honeywell C7660A1000 Dry Bulb Temperature Sensor | Used

Honeywell C7660A1000 Dry Bulb Temperature Sensor | Used

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Condition: Used
Product Type: Dry bulb temperature sensor for duct
Temperature Range: -40°F to +149°F
Works with: W7210 Economizers
W7212 Economizers
W7213 Economizers
W7214 Economizers
W7215 Economizers
W7459 Economizers
W7460 Economizers

  • Senses temperature of outdoor air and provides a signal to economizer control with OK or not OK to economize.
  • Selectable dip switch provides 8 change over temperature options.
  • When temperature of outdoor air is below change over temperature, the outdoor air damper is opened to reduce the cooling load in the building.
  • Provides 4 OR 20 mA output signal to economizer control; At 4 mA not OK to economize, 20 mA OK to economize.
  • Highly accurate microprocessor control.
  • Sensor is enclosed in a rugged, corrosion-resistant plastic case.
  • Replaces C7650 temperature sensors and the control function of temperature change over in the economizer control.

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