What to Look for When Buying a Smart Thermostat

What to Look for When Buying a Smart Thermostat

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There are many reasons to go the “smart” route when choosing a thermostat to install for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. For one, it offers greater climate control inside your home, paving the way for minimal energy consumption. It also learns and adapts to your preferences, maximizing comfort levels inside your home.

For most homeowners considering an upgrade to a smart thermostat, the vast number of choices available on the market make selection a challenge. Should you choose an Alerton thermostat, or do you go with other options? 

This blog will answer most questions homeowners have about smart thermostats and provide tips on what considerations to make when choosing a smart thermostat.

What is Smart Thermostat Technology?

Smart thermostat technology integrates your home thermostat with your home’s WiFi connection and sensors around your space to enable full automation of your home’s HVAC system. All of this is controlled by a single thermostat that can also be connected to your smartphone for greater control.

How Can It Improve My Energy Savings Per Month?

Perhaps the most significant benefit to owning a smart thermostat like the Alerton thermostat is its ability to minimize your energy consumption, which translates into more savings per month.

Smart thermostats can be easily configured to your desired temperature levels based on your daily schedule, minimizing energy consumption while maximizing your comfort levels. Other features like low-power standby mode and geofencing allow your HVAC system to sense you based on your location data, to switch on when you’re nearby, and switch back to standby mode when you’re away automatically, saving even more energy.

Further, most smart thermostats have used EMS controls (energy management system controls), which monitor and process energy consumption data. Based on this consumption data, your HVAC system adjusts and makes more intelligent decisions regarding energy usage, enabling your system to maximize your comfort levels while being more efficient in its use of energy.

Will A Smart Thermostat Work With My HVAC System? 

Before purchasing any smart thermostat on the market, you will need to make sure that it’s compatible with your home HVAC system. In this regard, it is recommended that you consult HVAC professionals and experts at Value Controls before you make any purchases. Generally speaking, the Alerton thermostat is compatible with any existing HVAC system.

How Many Controls Will I Need for My Home? 

As a general rule, the number of thermostats or controls you need will depend largely on the number of zones present in your home. Zones are areas in your home that have customized temperature settings. If your home is divided into multiple zones that are heated and cooled independently of each other, then you will need multiple thermostats, one for each zone. Otherwise, you only need one smart thermostat to control your entire HVAC system.

When purchasing a smart thermostat, there are three major considerations that you have to account for. These include:

Compatibility: Smart thermostats require a constant power source directly supplied from your HVAC control board. This is delivered through a common wire, or “C-Wire,” and not having one indicates incompatibility. In case you don’t have a C-Wire, you can have one installed, use an adapter, choose a model that doesn’t need a C-Wire, or use a model that comes with a power adapter or power extender such as an Alerton thermostat.

Price: The prices of smart thermostats on the market vary widely depending on the features installed. Some models can cost between $50 to $300, while others can go as high as $1,000. Find a model that’s right for you depending on the area where you live, the features you want, and your budget.

Ease-of-Installation: Not all thermostats are installed the same way. Some require a wired connection, while others can be used wirelessly. Consider the ease of installation when selecting a thermostat for your home. Most easy-to-install thermostats only need a screwdriver for installation. Just follow the instructions provided or a video tutorial by the manufacturer for guidance on how to install a smart thermostat.

Other factors to consider:

  • Ability to learn and adapt to user preferences.
  • Smart features like geofencing and vacation mode for more intuitive temperature control.
  • Extra features like music streaming and voice assistant.

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