Smart Thermostats and the Alerton Brand

Smart Thermostats and the Alerton Brand

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Thermostats provide us with a comfortable daily environment by regulating our office and home's temperature. But did you know that they can help create a more energy-efficient office or home environment? Smart thermostats can recall choices and memorize your energy use, and in this way, help you reduce energy consumption at peak times of the day, lower your electricity bills, and reduce carbon emissions. 

Let's take a look at what exactly smart thermostats are:

Smart thermostats make up one part of a building management system (BMS) or building automation system. These BMSs take care of the monitoring and controlling of a building's design, including mechanical, security, fire and flood safety, lighting, and, of course, the HVAC system. 

Smart thermostats allow you to control the temperature via mobile or internet-connected devices remotely. This makes operation more convenient and offers greater control of heating and cooling, and helps to reduce your power consumption. Some smart thermostats also offer smart 'learning' models and statistical data about how your home or office building is heated. This way, you can see how long it takes to heat your, time when energy use is high and much more.  Smart thermostats also incorporate the use of sensors to determine whether or not the home is occupied and can suspend heating or cooling until the occupant returns. 

These additional technologies have proven to make smart thermostats successful in saving energy and money.

All About Alerton Thermostats

The company was founded in 1981, in Washington and their entry into the building automation systems market was through the application of direct digital controls in their products, a technology that the market's major players had primarily overlooked. The company developed its own control protocol, Ibex, and transitioned to using the license-free BACnet protocol beginning in 1995; in adopting BACnet, the company became the first to implement this protocol across an entire product line in the controls industry.

Alerton was acquired by the UK building supplies company Novar in 2003 and by Honeywell in 2005 when its parent company, Novar, was acquired. In Honeywell, Alerton is part of the company's Automation and Controls group. They are leaders in building management systems, offering clients comprehensive control, easy scheduling, AI capabilities, and the flexibility to upgrade when needed easily. That's right. Alerton offers solutions that can scale and flex to the needs of your building. 

But don't worry if you're not ready for a smart household or business environment. Alerton's programmable and non-programmable HVAC controls are still top-notch, and regular maintenance on these systems will see you through for many years to come. So make sure you have spare Alerton controllers and other spare parts on hand for an easy fix to any issues that may appear.  

The Alerton TX-450 is a free-programmable unitary controller with 4 Universal Inputs and 5 Digital Outputs. It uses the TUX communication protocol in Alerton Envision for Ibex systems. 

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