In the Spotlight - Trane Tracer ZN517 - $299.00

In the Spotlight - Trane Tracer ZN517 - $299.00

, by Value Controls Inc, 1 min reading time

In the Spotlight brings different HVAC controls into the limelight and offers you a generous discount.  This week we are featuring the Trane Tracer ZN517 Unitary Controller. 

The Trane Tracer ZN517 gives you digital control similar to a wall thermostat.  It can operate within a Trane Integrated Comfort system or as a stand-alone unit.  The ZN517 is compatible with the following HVAC systems:

  • 2 heat/2 cool rooftop unit with optional economizer control
  • 4 cool rooftop unit optional economizer control
  • 2 stage heat pump with optional economizer and auxiliary heat control
  • Split system

At Value Controls our goal is to provide you with affordable refurbished HVAC controls so you can focus on your mission and not your HVAC equipment.  All of our products come with a 6-month warranty so you can rest assured that your purchase is protected.

Get yours now for $299.00, that is $70 in savings!

Sale ends 1/14/2019. Offer valid while supplies last. 


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