In The Spot Light: Carrier Thermostats

In The Spot Light: Carrier Thermostats

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Carrier is one of the leading HVAC manufacturers, best known for high-quality products. The company’s founder, Willis Carrier, is credited for the invention of the first electrical air conditioner in 1902.

In 1979, the Carrier company was acquired by United Technologies Corporation (UTC). The company today employs over 50,000 workers and produces some of the best-performing thermostats in the market.


Carrier Thermostats Overview


The thermostats produced by this company are categorized into Smart Thermostats and Traditional Thermostats. These products offer several key advantages:


  • Carrier thermostats are known for outstanding performance and design.
  • Depending on the model, they carry five or ten-year warranties.
  • Carrier’s thermostats provide optimum control working well with HVAC components from other brands.
  • They allow homeowners to optimize indoor temperature control while minimizing energy consumption via zoned control capability.
  • Users can override programming via wireless controls.
  • Carrier has thermostats for all types of HVAC systems.
  • When appropriately used, Carrier’s programmable thermostats have been found to reduce energy consumption.


Carrier Smart Thermostats


Smart thermostats feature automatic temperature adjustments, which you can control using an app on your mobile phone. These Carrier thermostats are ENERGY STAR-certified and can save you on monthly cooling and heating costs.


Infinity System Control


This is one of the top-of-the-line Carrier wireless thermostats, powered by Greenspeed intelligence to provide optimum control over ventilation, airflow, humidity, indoor air quality and temperature. These thermostats can control up to eight zones and are programmable for seven days. In addition, the energy tracking feature shows you the peak times your home consumes energy.


ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium with Voice Control


This is one of the Carrier wireless thermostats that provide seamless control over third-party platforms with voice control. It’s best suited for homes that aren’t equipped with Infinity systems. Voice controls are provided through Echo and Alexa-enabled devices. This system allows you to maximize your smart home, making hands-free calls and streaming music.


ecobee3 Lite Pro


This wireless Carrier thermostat is best suited for smaller homes that don’t require many premium features. It’s compatible with many smart home systems and is easy to integrate. It’s perfect for one-bedroom or studio apartments.


Traditional Thermostats


Traditional Carrier thermostats include programmable and non-programmable systems. They’re easy to operate with a straightforward control system. They provide homeowners with basic controls for temperature and humidity. Some units also come with the Touch-N-Go feature with pre-set temperature settings.


Traditional thermostats designed by Carrier can also help homeowners save money. You can easily adjust the humidity and temperature according to your preferred settings. They can automatically be set to cooling or heating functions easily. In addition, set up different zones within your home, allowing you to control your indoor environment.


Performance Series


Carrier’s Performance Series thermostats are programmable and designed with ultra-slim panels. Arguably the best in this series is the Performance Edge Relative Humidity Programmable Thermostat, which offers enhanced comfort management and custom schedules. Carrier's Touch-N-Go Thermostats work best if you’re looking for something simpler that works for smaller homes. These programmable thermostats also provide controls for furnaces and heat pumps.


Comfort Series


Carrier’s Comfort Series thermostats offer ultra-simple control and programming. This series includes programmable and non-programmable thermostats, and they can automatically switch between cooling and non-cooling functions.


Some of the Comfort Series thermostats come with the Touch-N-Go feature, which allows you to set up customized schedules. In addition, their non-programmable thermostats provide standard controls for heating, which are best suited for homes where heat pumps provide seasonal heating and cooling.


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