How Johnson Controls is Committed to Protecting the Environment

How Johnson Controls is Committed to Protecting the Environment

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All modern companies need to have a positive environmental impact. We all know that the state of the environment is dire. And we must do what we can to protect our natural resources and combat climate change.  

Thermostats provide us with a comfortable daily environment by regulating our office and building's temperature. But did you know that they can help create a more energy-efficient office or home environment? Smart thermostats can recall choice and memorize your energy use, and in this way, reduce your carbon footprint. They can help you reduce energy consumption at peak times of the day, lower your electricity bills, and reduce carbon emissions. 

One such company committed to doing its part in looking after the environment is Johnson Controls. They believe their products and services empower customers and communities to consume less energy and conserve resources.

Let's take a look at how Johnson Controls is committed to protecting the environment.

Johnson Controls' Environmental Efforts

Johnson Controls has been dedicated to protecting the environment since their invention of the electric thermostat in 1885, which provided a fundamental shift in the energy efficiency of buildings. Now, all over the world, their products and services empower customers and communities to consume less energy and conserve resources.

Sustainability is an integral part of their vision and values, and all their environmental efforts are conducted with the following objectives in mind:

  • Supporting the company's growth and exceeding their customers' increasing expectations for more sustainable products and services.
  • Fostering a culture of sustainability that engages and attracts people who want to make a difference.
  • Improving their operational efficiency, including lowering costs and reducing their operations and supply chain's environmental footprint.
  • Expanding engagement with their stakeholders on environmental issues, including leading in global partnerships that increase the scale of their sustainability impact.
  • Demonstrating their commitment from the top, including the continued integration of sustainability into company goals and decision-making.


In recent years the company has been included in more than 40 prestigious sustainability indexes. From 2017 through 2020, the company reduced its energy intensity by 5.5% and greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 26.1%. And, in 2017 Johnson Controls adopted a new 2025 Sustainability Strategy. This strategy drives sustainability across their entire value chain by focusing on five areas: solutions, people, partnerships, performance, and governance. As part of this new strategy, the company is committing to new, ambitious 2025 goals related to greenhouse gas emissions, energy, water, waste, safety, and diversity from a 2017 baseline.

What They Do Best

Johnson Controls understands that your buildings have a wide variety of functions; they are central to your business's mission. And they believe in helping drive the outcomes that matter most to you. 

Through a full range of systems and digital solutions, including Johnson Controls thermostats and HVAC controls, the company aims to make your buildings smarter. A smarter building is safer, more comfortable, more efficient, and, ultimately, more sustainable. And this should help you to instead focus more intensely on the business aspects and processes that matter most to you. 

Johnson Controls has been making buildings smarter since 1885, and their capabilities, depth of innovation experience, and global reach have been growing ever since. Today, they offer an extensive portfolio of building products, technologies, software, and services. They believe in transforming the environments where people live, work, learn, and play.

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