Brand Spotlight: Vive Thermostats

Brand Spotlight: Vive Thermostats

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VIVE thermostats allow homeowners to take control of their comfort. Every model the brand carries is loaded with features compatible with most HVAC systems and is designed to maximize efficiency, which helps reduce energy consumption. This allows you to cut down the costs on your next energy bill. In addition, a VIVE thermostat has an occupancy sensing capability which means the thermostat turns itself off when you're not in the room. Once you get back, it automatically restores your comfort settings. 


Each VIVE ace thermostat has a modern and sleek design, making it an excellent addition to any decor. It also features  glow-in-the-dark buttons to make it effortless to find in a dark room and a blue-colored backlight for easy visibility at night. 


Programming a VIVE thermostat is easy, thanks to its menu-driven features. It is one of the most user-friendly thermostats in the market, making it a popular choice for home and commercial facility owners.


Here are additional features of a VIVE thermostat:

  • 5/1/1 programmable (3 separate programs - 5 Weekdays, 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday)
  • Large 4 square inch display with large numbers
  • Built-in 5-minute compressor time delay 
  • Color-coded terminal blocks 
  • Adjustable air filter change indicator
  • Room temperature calibration adjustment 
  • It can be powered by batteries or by the system voltage
  • Easy access to the battery compartment


VIVE Thermostat Installation Guide


The location of your Vice ace thermostat has a significant impact on its performance. It should be installed approximately four to five feet above the floor in an area with average temperatures and good air circulation. The location must also be easily accessible.


DO NOT install your VIVE thermostat in these places:


  • Close to cold or hot air ducts
  • In direct sunlight
  • In corners or behind doors
  • Areas with an outside wall
  • Sites that don't require conditioning 
  • Areas where there might be concealed pipes or chimneys
  • Spaces where appliances radiate heat


Remember to disconnect the power before installation. Failure to do so leads to electrical shocks and equipment damage. 


All VIVE thermostats are shipped with a pre-installed energy-saving program, but users can customize this default system according to their preferences. For example, you can adjust the thermostat to have the weekdays the same and separate programs for Saturday and Sunday. In addition, each program has four periods: WAKE, LEAVE, RETURN AND SLEEP.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I remove the VIVE ace thermostat from the wall?

You can detach the thermostat by gently pulling it from the bottom. 


What batteries should I use?

All VIVE thermostats utilize 2 AA batteries.


Why is my display blank except for a low battery icon?

A blank display except for the low battery icon is a final warning to replace the batteries. 


Why is the display light not working?

Some VIVE thermostat models will turn off the display when batteries are low. Once the batteries are replaced, the display light will return to normal.


Why is there a delay before the heating or cooling comes on?

Some VIVE thermostats have a built-in 5-minute delay to help protect your system against short cycling.


About Value Controls

Value Controls has you covered if you are searching for VIVE thermostats. We are a business that provides the best value at the lowest cost on pre-owned HVAC and EMS controls. 


Finding the correct replacement part can be difficult, especially if it is out of production by the manufacturer or out of your budget. Our thermostats, controllers, sensors, actuators and other accessories are subjected to strict quality assurance testing while priced at the lowest cost. 


Value Controls has faith in our offerings, and that's why we back all our products with a two-year warranty and a 60-day return policy. Our inventory changes often, so give us a call if you can't find the item you are looking for. Our friendly customer service team is always ready to accommodate you!


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